Nurturing Massage Therapy in Tyler, Texas

Nurturing Massage Therapy in Tyler, Texas

As a licensed massage therapist who specializes in relaxation and stress relief, you will melt under my hands and enjoy a lingering sense of wellness and well-being for days.

My techniques involve years of hands-on training and experience, but really, I simply listen to your body and provide comfort to the areas that need it most. Through the art of massage therapy, I offer a luscious experience that will give you that safe, nurtured, “tucked-in” feeling we all secretly crave. And I LOVE it. :)

Here are a few ways I delight in blessing my clients...

Aromatherapy, magnesium & healing salves

Aromatherapy is always available, if desired. I use pure essential oils and oil blends to help achieve added relaxation and comfort.

To enhance your well-being and prolong the effectiveness of your massage, I also apply herbal salves or transdermal magnesium treatments, when they are appropriate for your holistic wellness and if you desire them.

*Please note that I am not a doctor and cannot prescribe medicine, nor do I claim that essential oils, salves, or other treatments will cure any ailments. Always consult your doctor before receiving services that use or apply essential oils, magnesium, salves, or other products.*

Nurturing Face Cleansing

My 90-minute and two-hour sessions also include a nurturing face cleansing, if desired. (Before your session we will thoroughly discuss any allergies or preferences you have.) This luxurious service is designed to remove makeup, oil, and dirt, and to release your skin from environmental stress. I use plant-based cleansers and follow up with a heavenly face massage using plant-based hydration. You will be refreshed and ready for a restful afternoon or peaceful night's sleep.

A Quiet Presence 

As your caring and attentive massage therapist, I will check in with you about pressure, temperature, and your comfort, but I will not use your massage time to carry on a conversation unless you ask questions or initiate a conversation. I prefer a quiet therapist, and so that is what I offer to you. At the same time, I perfectly understand that some clients enjoy connecting this way, so I simply follow your lead.

Thoughtful, sacred details

When I provide your service, you receive the full time—a 60-minute hour, a 90-minute hour & a half, or a 120-minute two hour massage. I do not end 5 or 10 minutes early, like most spas or massage chains. I allow space between my appointments so neither of us feel rushed.

I do everything in my power to accommodate for varying temperatures. Too warm? In my practice I require sheet or towel draping, but blankets can be removed and fan speed adjusted. Too cold? Blankets can be added and heated elements adjusted.

I use silky-soft sheets, soothing music, pure oils, and luxurious creams. Pillows are always available. I truly want you to experience the massage of your dreams! Please let me know how I can meet your needs for a calming and healing relaxation massage that will change your life.

As a licensed massage therapist who specialize…